Justin Guarini — My Eyes Adore You lyrics

Hmmmm ya

My Eyes Adored Ya
Ya ya

Girl, You're Deep inside each day
Waiting for the courage that never came
You went on your way without a clue
That these adoring eyes, They longed for you

I tried to get real close to you
Hoping that you would see through my disguise
And some how you know that I

I adored you
Though I've never layed my hands on you
My eyes adored you
Like you couldnt see a million miles away
How I adored ya
So close, so close
So close and yet so far

You looked at me and saw a friend
You told me things at night
Have to pretend
That you didnt mean the world to me
And all the while behid the scenes
I cried with you, relived your every dream
(yes I did)
In reality, your hopes fell through
Your dreams ran wild at nighttime too
So tell me tell me baby
Was I a fool, Do Your eyes adore me too?

Oh yea
-Guitar Solo-

I adored Ya
My Eyes Adore Ya

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