Kanye West — Wack Niggas lyrics

[Somebody Talking]
Yo... Let me, let me, let me, let me tell you why - why
This n***a... Why we dedicated this song to this kind of n***a
Cuz number one, duke is drivin' in the mot*****in' projects
With a - with a Sebring, and with - with a rag off
Y'na'mean? Y-you not ballin' like that play-boy
Straight up, then the b***h you got playin' shotgun
Like, I used to serve that b***h, c'mon
Really really good, I mean and you gotta shirt and tie
You wack as n***a..

Wack n****s... I don't even like to be around 'em
Give 'em dap or pound 'em
See 'em out they houndin' dawg
Singin' they got tracks for me to get down on
Singin' they hot when that s**t don't even sound warm
N***a I'm nasty, my style is sound p***
The graphic exposin' wack asses
I emcee as free as 'Ol Dirty b*****d
You think you Catholic tryin' to appeal to the masses
The Cassius Clay of rap today
Rock a beard like Castaway
You couldn't be dope for even half a day
We keep it hot like its after May
Smoke a n***a then I pass to K

[Kanye West]
The pastor say we goin' to mass today
We have to pray, these n****s is wack 'n' eh
I have to say, since Pac passed away
Most these n****s don't even deserve a track from me
First of all let's get rid of them Louis Vuitton boots
And get yo tall a** out that C Class coupe
Y'see the whiskay had them girls feelin' friskay
You was wit may (me) she said "Who's the sissAY?"
And even if they did wanna get bizzay
Freaky like Missay and roll the weed up
You would roll three blunts and f**k up three blunts
Motherfucka you a f**k up of free lunch, dawg
Just keep it right thurr like Chingay
Yo girl don't like me how long has shee been g**
Spanish girls tell ya "No hable ingle"
And everbody wanna run to me for they singlay (single)
It's funny how these wack n****s need my help
Wasn't around when I couldn't feed myself
Dawg, if I was you I wouldn't feel myself
Dawg, if I was you I'd kill myself

[Hook - Kanye West (Singing Voice)]
(Wack nigga) Wake up in the morning dawg, and you a
(Wack nigga) I'd kill myself if I was that
(Wack nigga) Everything you wear and rock, is just
(Wack nigga) Even if you flossin' rocks you still
(Wack nigga) You can't do it dawg you's a
(Wack nigga) Bitin' a**, b***h a**, trick a**
(Wack nigga) Even your daughter says "My daddy's a - "
(Wack n***a - You wack n***a!)

You know you wack when ya dawgs tell you
That's how you know ya flow is weak
Cuz you only got them there to 'Say Yes' like Floetry
The clique that I oversee ain't impressed by ya poetry
You're the place you're supposed to be
You ain't ain't comin' close to me
It ain't that you underrated
It's more thatn you're under dated
And mediocre at best is all the hoes you've ever dated
For all your guest appearances
You couldn't get the clearances
For them it's just a check they don't respect you as a lyricist
Look at what ya lyrics is, Murder, Death, Kill
But you never shot nothin', never have, never will
Better add on to ya skills before you join this round robin
Of super emcees that'll add to ya problems

[Talib Kweli]
In the beginnin', God created man in his own image
I'm 'bout to tell you how the story gon' finish
Kweli handle his business n****s don't forget it
Cuz a wiseman can shoose to get ignorant with it
Na'mean - you all can get it I'm conisdered the nicest
The way I spit it give these n****s all identity crisis
All day talkin' that s**t like you hold a gat, right?
The trip you on must be short cuz you pack light - act right
You got it twisted tellin' n****s that you pack heat
You ain't gunning now you runnin' like an athlete
You ballas need to quit rhymin' like Allen I've
Start speakin' New? Wopian? And followin' Malachi
Oh, anything would rhyme, you need to sell drugs for real
Instead of on the radio, you'd be dead or in jail
All these thug n****s wanna rap
And all these rap n****s wanna thug
And all ya'll fu***n' the game up
It's time to change up, my lyrics rip ya frame up
Askin' if I'm nice like fu***n' with a chick
Who don't give head - that's a no-brainer
N****s back bangers you don't even know the names of
I'ma bout to meet my quota you about to meet ya Saviour
You wack n***a, you about to get shot
F**k with Talib Kweli, that's how you get got
Not that I'm wylin' or even promote violence
It's just you're fu***n' up my high, can a n***a smoke in silence?!

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