Katinas — Wonderful Invention Of Love lyrics

Well...if you...

Find a heart in need of some attention
Someone who's alone when there's no fix to mention
Take the time to tell them about this wonderful invention of love

If you find someone in need of some affection
Who say they can't take any more confusion
You'll find out why you're talking about this wonderful invention of love

Love can take down the strongest mountain
It can cross the raging sea
Love can clear up cloudy days
Set a troubled heart free

Love can give hope when there's no reason
Love is the reason for all hope
So open your heart, and show the world
This wonderful invention of love
Of love

(Wonderful invention of love, I need, you need, we need love)
(See love isn't giving, you've got to give love away)

Wonderful invention
Wonderful invention
Wonderful invention of
Love (you need)
Love (all you really need is)
Love (love)
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