Katrina Carlson — Blue Streak Cadillac lyrics

Sinkin' down on a dust-dipped road at sunset
Feelin' round for my shoes
All my laces are shredded into (a mess)
Of string spaghetti blues
They're falling down beneath the cracks
They're coming down like a whip on my back
Yeah, yeah

I just wanna be
I just wanna be like a Blue Streak Cadillac
I wanna be free
As a California breeze
I just wanna be like a Blue Streak Cadillac

Moonlight on a tarmack world (sleep tight)
Drivin' fast anywhere (that's right)
Blinded by the jealous wind that whips through
My saltwater hair
I lay it down like a snake leaves tracks
I'm movin' on and I won't be back


What's that ahead? One fine specimen
I gotta slow down, come on and climb in

I hit the gas doing eighty-five
I'm catchin' air
I'm free, I'm alive

(Chorus x2)
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