Kenny Loggins — Give It Half A Chance lyrics

Give It Half a Chance
Kenny Loggins
(This Is It)

Lyrics and Music by Kenny Loggins and Stephen Bishop

I wake up
In the middle of a dream
To an unfamiliar scene
Wonder what I fell into

Who knows why
People look for alibies
In a passing stranger's eyes
What am I supposed to do

So tonight
Tell her that you love her tonight
The only way to know is to try
Give it half a chance

And the glow
From the bathroom down the hall
Lights a mirror on a wall
Where a stranger stares at me.
"Hello, stranger,
Where you been?
Do you still remember when?
Well, every heartache has an end
'N maybe yours is on the way"

One by one
Let the nights go on
And you won't need yesterday
Beside you

See yourself in love again
And believe in the arms you're in


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