Kevin Fowler — Fool Born Everyday lyrics

Well in the morning a-when I rise
Wipe that sleep out of my eyes
Guess it should be no surprise
You never made it home
Another night out on the town
You were a-painting it red and tearin it down
You must have got lost on your way home
Well here we go again

I've been holdin on
When I shoulda been a-letting go
So I'll be movin along
Think it's time I hit the road
I'm sure youll be looking
find a man to take my place
well it wont take a-long
cause there's a fool born every day

(yeah there is)

Well I was your fool for oh so long
I wouldn't believe what was going on
I should of seen it all along
how could I been so blind
before I hit the edge of town
you'll be out there somewhere
fooling 'round
well this old truck is headed south bound
you won't see nothing but dust

chorus X2

yeah it won't take long
cause there's a fool born everyday
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