Kevin Tellie — New York At Night lyrics

I'm all here I didn't go, I'd let you know
Where'd you fly off to? Some island in the shadows blue
Where you can rest softly on the smooth sand?
Till I come pick you up to a place made to ease you
Ease your pain
Those dreams in mind never come true after all, their just you
Well I can't see these days only nights as bright as these lights

New York at night, some eye candy
Your eye candy for me

Let me see is it how you talk?
The way you walk?
You give me a shock
I used the scissors to cut that ever-lasting string
This place is where were safe add it all, forget me
Please forget me

New York at night, New York's all right

We'll all live here in harmony
City's angels falling off
They have been falling, falling to the floor
Am I right?
Oh, am I fulfilling?

And oh, New York at night, New York, yeah its night
New York at night, New York's all right
This light at night how it shines in your eyes
This light at night you keep taking me by surprise

There's no light tonight
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