Kid Cudi — Falling Star lyrics

A falling star fell from your heart
And landed in my eyes
I scream for love
As it tore through them
And now it's left me blind
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Mmmmmmmm yeah
I'm here, super duper dudy cud
All up in the mix like yeah, Nigga
Boy, I Stay blazed like brodies
Even If I never said it
You should probably know this by now
Ta-Dow, what they go and make up
Every time I read about stupid shit they make up
If I ever saw them, black dynamite em
Then have a reason to say why they never like em
Ain't no need to seek it
I am content, dream like content
So unconscious, just me and my conscience
Runnin' with the mobb thangs
Livin' to do odd thangs
Cudder cudder
I live, I live, I live, I live for symphonies
I know that there's some place just right for me