Kingcrow — My War lyrics

I Blind fury
II Shadows in my nightmares
III Good Bye...

I'm Far From Home Another Mile
In The Wind I'm Coming
To The Land Of Freedom
I Bring my Heart In My Hands
And I Bring my Hope In My soul...
Another Mile, To Reach My Home.....
And Here Dies My Hope

I'm Riding on the Edge between
Burnin' madness and normality
My Blind Fury was baptized
In a river of runnin' blood
When The Enemy came from the hell
And I lost my sons in blood

Now I'm storming the walls

Shadows in my nightmares
Marchin' dead in the mud
The battle field is red
Thousand innocents are dying
One day we'll pay for all this pain
And I was never meant to be.......(cries)
Their Cries Every Night
Scream Loud in My Mind
Damned For Eternity or
How Many Years in Pain?

Good bye my friend...... good bye
This is the end of my war
Tonight my heart is finally free
I can't resist another day
My eyes tonight are full of pain
But this is the best of my last days

Oh-Oh good bye
Oh-Oh tonight
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