Kinleys — I Will lyrics

I will crawl through your grief
I will cry til I drown
Cut a path through your dark
Til I'm lost and you're found
Turn your black into gray
I won't hurt when I bleed
I'll give up my desire til you get what you need

Ask me i'll be there whenever you fall
To do anything everything nothing at all
I'll move any mountain that keeps you from me
I'll change rearrange disappear in your dreams
Please don't ask me to let go
Or make me give up
Cause I love you that much
And I will
It'll kill me
But I will

I'll never say that I know how you feel
But I know in your heart that those demons are real
So don't push me out and I won't pull you in
But I won't let you lose
You'll let love win


Baby I will...

If you can just look past your fear
You'll see me standing right here


Baby I will...
Baby I will...
Baby I will...
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