Kmfdm — Sin City lyrics

Sin City 4x

When the tracks are leading home to the limits of hell
We'll yell, life sure is swell!
In Sin City
In the streets where the servants of silence dwell
The visions of the wicked are sure to sell!
In Sin City
On the quickest strip going, come holy high rolling with me
Get you cash cup flowing, come holy high rolling with me

Sin City 4x

In the heat where the Saviour of Sodom dwells
Join hands with the women who squirm in hell,
In Sin City
Because the lord has mercy on the women that sell
Their pussies to the preachers who burn in hell,
In Sin City

Yeah I'm the queen??? Come holy high rolling with me,

Let your holy mother blow your fears away
Get on your knees and pray! 5x

The Devil's home for the depraved
Where the souls are never saved
That's why the holy rollers say
Get on you knees and pray
To breathe
In Sin City
To lie
In Sin City
Get high
In Sin City
Let your holy water wash away your shame
Cause the judgment day is just another game
On your knees and pray!
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