Krayzie Bone — The War Iz On lyrics

Krayzie, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Layzie: Thug Mentality 1999

We so thuggish-ruggish... The muthafuckin' the war is on. You better suit up and
Do like Krayzie Bone
Cuz the muthafuckin' war is on. Whatcha gon' do, whatcha gon' do, gon' do?
Say n***a we march, stompin' in the big black boots with my n****s in the
Fatigue suits/ Ready to shoot, runnin' with the ak-47
N****s tryin' to survive, they ain't tryin' to go to heaven/ Muthafuckers
Shootin', they ain't even askin' questions
It's these young-a** niggas/ They straight up thugged-out/ They killas that lil'
Soldier, boy, cuz we livin' in the killin' field
Tombstone, soldier/ Rest in peace/ A real warrior/ n****s been ready for war/ We
Are the muthafuckers on the streets with the
Heat, knockin' the hoes off they feet/ Say boy, it's a jungle out there/ Get a
Couple casualties every year/ The goal is to stay
Alive/ The mission is to make money/ The enemy; the police/ We gotta bust back
At 'em, make some muthafuckin' examples
Out them assholes/ We're not even concerned/ Strike a match, drop it on the gas,
And let the muthafucker burn...
Baby burn/ Army's strategic, and I pledge allegiance to the 12-gauge Mossberg/
I'm that n***a, Mr. Sawed-off Leather Face
Gotta big gun in your face/ Behind that bush/ And when they roll by n***a, we
Jump out the bush and make a push/ Bustin'
Why they runnin'? Buckin' everything, comin', murda/ Y'all ain't said nothing/
Got a couple of n****s for that, stay strapped
From the front to the back/ And the extra clip off in my jacket so when I run
Out I restack it and pap it some more
We ready for war
So, what? N***a, pull your gun, that's exactly how we play, screamin' bloody
Murder mo all day
The buckshots spray daily, all day
Snoop Dogg
Money makes murders, s**, lies, crimes, fo'-fives, nines, heaters, jackers,
Killas, cap-pealers, and drug dealers/ Snitches,
Snakes, b*****s, fakes, bad brakes and heartaches/ Give and take, shake and
Bake/ Boy, I got to stack my plate
Bad news; it travels fast, and real mashers always mash/ Give a dog a bone, send
Him on; he bound to come home with some
Cash/ Get your s**t, stack your chips, tuck your heat, and watch that bitch/ She
Might be cute, but listen here my n***a
That don't mean shit/ Duck and dodge, camouflage, my entourage is way in charge/
Krayzie Bone and Dogg Capone
Yeah, you know the war is on/ Break a b***h, shoot a snitch, f**k a trick/ Get
Your grip, smoke some dank, pass some drink
And get off into this gangsta shit/ We havin' bread, breakin bread/ n***a listen
To what I said/ Tuck my heat, keep it close
Just in case you think I'm playin/ Layin' fools down, Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs,
One love
And we bangin' from the streets to the clubs
Check it out: Gangstas, hoes, I suppose, dip and dash, c*** and blast/ Kurupt
And Snoop, Krayzie, Daz, Layzie blazin' up the
Hash/ G'd as f**k, gangsta-fy high as the sky, gangsta for life/ f**k a b***h,
Hit a switch, gangstas drop that gangsta s**t
I'm a G, dpg, dpgc, O. G. Dp/ Ride on n****s, blast on n****s, dip and put the
Smash on n****s
It's a war... There's a war goin' on...
When the war pop off, where the f**k you gon' be? In the front or the back? City
Under attack; every n***a from the 99
Front line, marchin' with a Tech 9/ n***a, where my thugs at? If you scared, go
To church/ Muthafucker, matter of fact
While you at it, say a prayer for me/ I'm prepared to heat, heat a n***a in the
Streets with a gotdamn beat/ My heat close to me
Khaki suits and fatigues, n***a dressed to kill/ n***a, yes, I will put a slug
In you/ n***a, what you wanna do
Cuz I'm ready to shoot? And my high-tech boots got me feelin' bulletproof/ I'm a
Superman/ n***a, G. I. Joe/ Like the wind
Blowin' throu a nigga' area/ More dead enemies I count up the merrier/ And you
Ain't heard no collaboration scarier
I'm a walkin' nightmare, and I'm born to die/ If the war goin' on, what's
Happenin'? If you disrepectin' my family; it'll be hell to
Tell the captain/ f**k all you playa haters and you po-pos/ f**k all you
Politicians/ This' war/ Dedication to the criminal nation
Let the real thugs even the score
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Songwriters: Broadus, Calvin / Henderson, Anthony / Pageot, Steve / Howse, Steven / Brown, Ricardo
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