Kris Tyler — What A Woman Knows lyrics

I know there's something you're not saying
I see a secret in your eyes
You're in love I know you won't admit it
You did it with a kiss Let me tell you this
No one knowscause you don't know
What a woman knows
So you don't understand it
No one goes where a woman goes
Deep inside her heart
No one feels like a woman feels
When she's lying next to you
No one knows what a woman knows
I know you've been untrue.
I see right through you, Boy you've been untrue
You use to hold me like a treasure
My heart, a locket in your hand
Now every touch is a confession
Your passion is a lie
You can't fake it if you try
Chorus, lead
Silence always sounds like thunder
So don't wonder how I knew Cause baby it was you
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