Kristen Harper — Stay Strong lyrics

You thought you were all alone, but you were so wrong, we were beside you, all along, you ran and tried not to face it, wouldn't let the fear, and the anger go, you were tryin to hide, from everything, thought it was the end, tried to do nothing! time flies & things happen, but you gotta know, you gotta stay strong, live long, find the life to face your fears, you'll be ok, before long! you thought there was nothin 2 life, it left you depressed, wanted to hide away from the world, tried taking small steps, back to the courage, back as yourself! you were scarred for life, for what happens, we're beside u forever, we won't let you go! it's ok 2 b upset, it's ok, 2 think life is deaath! as long as u know we're, here for you, it'll b ok! it'll b ok!
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