Kylie Anderson — Betrayed lyrics

I was betrayed
Through every way
Like every day
I was betrayed

Like open skies
Like blowing dust
Like truth but lies
Like wind will gust

Just take a look
At life
An open book
Full of some truth more lies

Feet on the ground
Hands in the sky
Arms in the air
But I really don't care

I got you now
Standing all alone
I just knew somehow
You'd be standing all alone

Try to make it look like
Your here with someone
But what iv'e seen already
Can't be undone

I got you know
Standing all alone
I always know somehow
You'll be standing all alone

We stare into eachothers eyes
We stand there until I start to cry
You've broken my heart
Torn it all apart

Then you ran away
Came back one day
Just to give me the pain
Can't take the pain

Take it all
Shove you away
You don't matter anymore

I am betrayed
Through all the way
Like every day
I am betrayed
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