Kyprios — Feel So Good lyrics

Baby knows that I do not play * She want something but she wont say * And I'm a give it to her anyways * And it feels so good...* Feelin like a pessimist I'm always down * Theory of a pacifist passed around * Revolution in the air I hear the sound * Panny on the track my ears to the ground * Train is comin summoning the pearly gates * Everyone is runnin but they've come too late * The game is full of men who only masturbate * I make love to a rhythm never saturate * Chorus * And it feels so good... * Musics in my soul I'm comin up * don't it feel so good.. * People keep rockin it yeah * And it feels so good... * Musics in my soul I'm comin up * And it feels so good... * People keep rockin it yeah * Gimme just a minute I'll crack your chakras * This is just a jam by Kyprios and Sukrates * Energy is a transformation * When you wanna leave I got the transportation * Innovation and the mental stimulation * Renovate your mental state like a nice vacation * Set it straight cause a lot of yall aint knowin me * shit talkers in the wind just blowin me * I'm in yout town damn right it's a show to see * Drug for your mins and a pocket full of poetry * Pretty giddy little girls in a video * Itty bitty mini skirts where the titties show * City bitties got a lot of kiddies gettin low * But Kyprios is in it for the mental thought I'd let you know * Chorus * So my man he rolled up in a Big Black Lincoln * And if you got a mind than I will get that thinkin * Whether you are on the grind or in the club drinkin * The moon is getting ready when the sun starts sinkin * So don't stop until you hit the sun right * Find me in the club, bottle of Bud Light * Some nights really make you love life * and you should understood cause it feels so good aaiiigghht * Chorus *
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