Led Zeppelin — Whole Lotta Love- Live AT Knebworth 1979 lyrics

You need coolin', women I ain't foolin'I'm gonna send ya back to schoolin'Way down inside, women you need loveI'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give my loveOh!Wanna whole lotta love (x4)You've been yearnin' baby i've been learnin', learin', learnin'All them good times, baby, i've been disearnin'Way, way, down inside, women you need loveI'm gonna give you every inch of my love, i'm gonna give you my loveAh!Wanna whole lotta love (x4)You've been yearnin', baby, i've been learnin'I can't tell youHow much I've seen you turnin'Way down inside, you need loveYou need loveAh,you need loveYearnin'!Tell you every nightI can't see where I'm goin'I ggot on my knees baby, i've got to crawlWay down inside!You need loveYou need loveYou need loveAh, baby!Oh, ah baby!That's my baby!Now i'm talkin' to ya baby!Ah, baby!Ah, baby!Yeah!Oh yeah!Oh, can I feel itNow can I feel it?Oh, my, my babyMy super babyNow can I feel it?Now can I feel it?Oh, yeahEvery night,I get down on my kneesI pray for you babyAnd my soul to keepWay down insideYou need loveYou need loveYou need loveWomen!I said, Women!(Crowd):WomenI can't here you, I said women!(Crowd):Women!!I don't think the people in Redditch can hear ya, I said Women!(Crowd):Women!!!I don't think the people in New Castle can here ya,I said ya Women!(Crowd): Women!!!!You know ya make me wanna, you know ya make me wanna, ya know you make me wannaOh, baby!You make me wanna sing A LOT O' SONGS, Yeah!I said,I said Women!Way down inside(Crowd): Way down inside!I believe i can't here ya, I said way down inside(Crowd): WAY DOWN INSIDE!!!!You need itLoooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeShake for me girl, I wanna be your backdoor manYou bet I doYou know I doYou know I do , babyYou know I doKeep it coolin' baby (x3)Ah, ah, ah, ahPush it!Ah, ah, ah, ah(Spoken)Thank youThanksI don't know what to sayThanks for 11 years
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