A call to wake me up early at 4 in the morning
"Who were you with and where?" they asked me "what's that mean?"
I only can give an excuse an evation from the truth
Why did I use to love hearing...
"You're the only thing I need" what's that mean
My body hurts... From laughing to much
Seems that they're only used to forget

The bitter taste of hot burning spice
Just this once I'll let you have some
Because I know what you're taken with, with my tatse

"I want to see you now, in person not over the phone"
So you still want to take my advances again
But know you wont get any farther than anyone else
Try to catch the key and navigate my heart
"I love you" that's what they all say
It's only a play I used on you in the game
Of love that I can never lose

The bitter taste of too much sweet syrup
That you choose to only take from me
Skin on skin I know what you tatse like now
For now it has me satisfied

Despite it all I still don't know what love is
I only can guess it can't good for me
But if it's good why is it painful?
So without it I know I'm better off

Hey, this is my ever own spice
Just this time I'll let you have some
Because I know what you're taken with, with my tatse
And doesn't it make you love it even more
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