Letters To Cleo — I'm A Fool lyrics

It would be nice to know everything but I never
Said I did and now that I'm a moving target with
Nothing to admit what will I find when I cross that
Line for now it's fine just say goodnight though it
Would be a kick to get my way I hardly ever do
And the closest that I ever get is nothing on you like
What happened when I said you'd never go but
Now I know that I'm a fool to think that you could
Ever be that true so you decide I'm not a child
And somehow i'll get by now just think for a
Minute what you say and then about what
You've done and i'll think about your other girls
And how I want to be the only one make a plan
And figure out where you stand and see it
Through just make your move I'm a fool to think
That you could ever be that true so you decide
I'm not a child and somehow i'll get by I don't
Care what you say I don't care what you do just
Make it me
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