Letters To Cleo — Rim Shak lyrics

Like a gaping hole in the universe, as obvious as anything
Could be, trip and fall pants at ankles as it, as it only possible
Could be. It's a cosmic thing and it's all around me dangling
Like life above me, if you knew where it was headed to, I say
You'd be there already. Can't tear yourself away, can you?
If I'm different now in a brand new light, so? Darts in time
Changed everything. I'm moving this, hurdle over that now as it,
Only possibly could be. It's encompassing 'cause it's all around me
Dangling like you above me. If I knew what I was coming to,
Make it stop already. Can't tear yourself away, can you? It's
Only right to think about. It's only right to keep it down.
It's only right to throw your arms around it. It's only right
To keep it to yourself. Just be sure to be sure that you're right.
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