Levellers — Too Real lyrics

Here she comes - the great Leveller
King and serfs bow before her
If you feel her eyes on you - run
She'll come and put her arms around you
You lie and say she hasn't found you
You'll run to her she's there to greet you
Are you lost to us forever
Tied in lust strapped in leather
Is the cost way beyond you
Do you love her more than you love yourself
Is it just too real
Cold clear for you to feel
Is it just too real
Cold clear for you to feel
[Verse 2:]
Am I far in the distance
Am I the cure or a symptom
Should I go when you tell me to
Can you tell I've never loved her
Because my life is for another
Who's up and down
But will take me there
I don't claim to understand her
But hand in hand I am with her
Bright and clear and with a future
You can come and join us if you dare
I sing - But you can't speak
I laugh - But you can't smile
L love - But you lie low
Got to let her go.....
I look - You don't see
I talk - You don't hear
I walk then you will crawl low
You've got to let her go
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