Lil Cory — Tony Montana lyrics

Light up your blunts
Turn up Your Swag
This is a Lil Cory mixtape

{Freestyle - Lil Cory}

I jus came back to tha streets
Waitin on them record sales

Fuck it lil homie you want it?
Then we can jus take it there

I'm bout to cop a chevy, put some beat off in tha back
My boys they be sellin, keep tha heat up in tha trap

You fuckin wit tha realest, I know tha hoes be feelin me
All black illen so none of yall be killin me

I changed like tha streets so nun of yall remember me
And I ain't got no haters bruh all I have is enemies

Like Tony Montana
Tony Montana, Real ass thug nigga comin from tha Bama

If you ask about me you know I don't give a damn bruh
Come into my hood betta be bringin a hammer

Now get up out my kitchen if you can't stand tha heat
Man we got a lotta white girl, but we rarely geeked

Man I can't neva get no sleep, cuz these niggas after me
That's why I keep tha tech across my chest when I sleep
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