Lily Frost — Faking lyrics

Is it obvious or are you faking?

I can feel those dirty look at me everyday.
I know what you think about me,
and what you say.

I've known you for forever,
and a minute.
I know what your thinking,
and when you think it.

Just tell me the truth,
thats all I want from you.
Every time you're mad
I can feel the pain.

I'm so helpless,
I'm so distressed,
What can I do,
to please you?
I know your faking,
a burn you're making,
inside my heart.

Don't give me those looks,
don't call me those names,
I can't take it,
I know you are FAKING it.

Just let me know,
and I'll let it go,
but I know...
that you're...

(Chorus x2)
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