Lion King — I Cant Wait To Be King lyrics

I'm gonna be a mighty king so enemys beware
(Well I've never seen a king or beast with quiet so little hair)
I'm gonna be the main event like no king was before,
I'm brushin up, I'm lookin down, I'm workin on my ROAR!
(A thus far rather an uninspiring thing)
Oh, I just can't wait to be KING!
(Well u have a long way to go young master if u think...)
No one sayin do this... (now when I said that)
No one sayin be there... (now what I meant was...)
No one sayin stop that... (now what u don't realize...)
No one sayin see here... (NOW SEE HERE!...)
Free to run around all day(well that's defenitly out of the...)
Free to do it all my way!

I think it's time that u and I arranged a heart to heart
Kings don't need advise from little hornbills for a start
If this is where the monarcy is headed count me out
Out of service, out of afria, I wouldn't hang about
This child is getting wildly out of wing
Oh I just can't wait to be KING!

Everybody look left,
Everybody look right, every where you look I'm
Standin spot light(not yet)
Back ground singers:(let every creature go for broke and sing,
Lets hear it on the heard and on the wing,
It's gonna be king simbas finest fling)
Oh I just can't wait to be king!
Oh I just can't wait to be king!
Oh I just can't waaaaaaaait to be KING!
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