Lions And Tigers And Bears — Clarity (On The Kill Floor) lyrics

Walk out the door and you know what I see
Feels like a million people looking at me
Everyone with an opinion on something
I go through the motions in my usual way
Listen to the thoughts the other people convey
What I should wear or the songs that I should sing
I think I'll sing what I wanna sing and
I think I'll bring what I wanna bring and
I found clarity
I found clarity
I found clarity
I found clarity on the kill floor baby
They try and trap you but you have to break free
Could you really give a fuck if they could agree
Too much of anything gets boring real fast
Your drummer always playing to a different beat
They stand still when you need to move your feet
Look to the future just forget the past and
Go on and move your feet
Just go on and move your feet
Pack your shit we've got 'til 9 tonight
I can't wait 'til we plug in the mic so
I can feel a little more like me
All I needed was...
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