Lizzards Flying — Eternity lyrics

Im lying here
its a little past midnight
im just thinking
of ways that i could
get you to notice me

the clock hits one,
Im still lying awake
my love for you
is something i cant fake
i dream of ways
that you and me
could be together
us together forever,
for all eternity.

I wish you felt the way i do,
give me one chance and i could prove to you
you and me were ment to be
for all eternity.

No matter what others say
just listen to your heart,
thats whats i've done
and it brought me to you
You are amazing,
in every single way
and i wish i could have you
as my own, for just one day

and in that day
i would prove to you
that you and me
were ment to be
for all eternity

everytime i see you
my heart skips a beat
i stop breathing
and hope you notice me.

do you notice me ,
because i know
i cant miss you
baby im in love
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