Lloyd Banks — On My Hip lyrics

This right here it's a unit thing (a unit thing)
That means you're a hater you probably won't understand
or appreciated.
A hood nigga comin up new year anotha truck
Nah i ain't worry about them runnin up
I got heat on my hip (that take stomach up)
I got heat on my hip (jump if you wanna jump)
I'm chipped up fresh to death 6's up nothin less
If you wonderin if i'm homie yes
I got heat on my hip
No lil wheels i got 23 on my shit
chick who runnin wit
Verse 1
Uh, move let a playa pass
They think i made it fast
I hit the gas and throw cash on that hater's ass (ass)
See you later lame (Lame)
I can't be late again (again)
They roll the red carpet out for me to make it reign
Woodgreen Cadillic lil niggas mad at that
Brought icegrill it don't matter black
I got heat on my hip
I'll bag yo bitch fuck then i fall asleep on that bitch
Then in the morning back to gettin money that money don't make itself
You can rob, you can kill, you can steal from the selves
I'm ball like i never did
Roll up my weed and kick my feet on leatha shit
Aiyyo what up man it's yo boy Lloyd Banks
And right now you're tunin to GGGGG-unit Radio
Ya heard me wit my home my mothafucka homie Whookid
Cuz you ain't got no fuckin money on me nigga.
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