Lmfao — All Night Long lyrics

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Between you and I
It lasts forever
Let's make it last forever
Let's make it last forever
Let's make it last forever
Let's make it last for...

I hope this ain't a dream
This better not be no dream
Please don't let this be a simulation
Cuz you're a pretty thing
I hope it's not my imagination

I'm dancing on the floor
I'm dancing with you, girl
We spin it round and round
You spin me round and round
I'm falling for you girl

I'm falling in love

I know you want it
You know I want you too
I know you like it
I know you like my mood
On Saturday, on Saturday
Tonight be for free
Now that I got you
I won't leave you alone, alone, alone
Call your guy phone
Baby let's party the night away
I'm dancing with you
I wanna party with you, girl

This is the best night of my life...
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Songwriters: Gordy, Skyler Austen / Listenbee, David Jamahl / Smith, Andre M / Perry, Megan Elizabeth / Gordy, Stefan / Bay-Schuck, Aaron
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