Lorien — The Island Of The Dragon lyrics

The Island of the Dragon
Ar away in time
A land of wonders existed
It was the centre of everything.

During ten thousand years
The Empire reigned on Earth.
This was the place
Where the dragons slept many Centuries
Until they were called to war.

An island in the ocean
Had all the magic power.
The Island of the Dragon
Its beauty was magnificent
Its people lived in great palaces
Made of silver and gold.

The Emperors of the Island
Made an alliance
With the Lords of Chaos.
Their Glory and Majesty
Came from their cruelty.

They enjoyed the public tortures
They inflicted to their enemies
They were their greatest pleasures.
For many millenniums
The Island's pride was absolute.
At last, the end of that age
Arrived to break the dominion
Of the Mighty Emperors.

The Nations under the Empire
Spread their flags to the wind.
They battled against the magic
Like true brave warriors
With the force of Truth.

They could conquer the Island
And their liberty.
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