Mac Miller — Onaroll lyrics

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Got my chick makin' drinks with that cream, while I'm takin' sips of that lean
Life ain't a b***h if you make a wish, you might break a record like me
Got a mill at age nineteen, but I may just give that back
To show my friends I could do it again if I started all from scratch
All I do is rap, run and tell them hoes that
? It's nice with no rubber, she like when I f**k her like that
This raps what I do, but I been fly, been fly
Your now inside of my sick mind, that Pink Slime, that Pink Slime

She get good grades, suck a d**k, what more could you ask for?
Big ol' butt, love to f**k, what more could you ask for?
F**k with drugs, fall in love, what more could as for?
What more could you ask for, w-what more could you ask for?

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Go a hundred miles an hour, ride around the city
Smokin' on that Sour, couple bad ones with me
Used to rock all my brother's clothes
Now designer brands, got a bunch of those
Got a bunch of diamonds and a bunch of gold
Ridin' by the cops, I'm like f**k em' though
Hoes turn bent for that Hermes, I'm bustin' nuts on her fur vest
My life's like a circus, my heads a little unfurnished
She honor roll, she Dean's list, her a** round like Venus
My p****, her cleavage, that freaky b***h need Jesus


[Verse 3: Mac Miller]
I'm switchin' up my flows, sellin' out these shows
Pop a bottle of Dom P, then spill it all on my clothes
Damn Mac, your so grown, made a business all on my own
These labels callin' my phone, but I made this business all on my own
Give me that base, b***h, I'm a base head, let it break s**t til it make a mess
I wrote myself another blank check, I'm fuckin it', need a aids test
Win the Heisman, I'm mvp, Dan Marino, you Sandusky
Mc Hammer, they can't touch me, Skateboard P, he be on that beat

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