Mack 10 — We Can Never Be Friends lyrics

(All gravy nigga, fuck)
Fuck them niggas cause they bitch made anyway
Can't come in tha hood, I hope he got an A-K
He crossed tha line, nigga dropped a dime
Then he ran to those white folks sayin' I tried
I Stunna one of a kind you muthafucka
Catch me in tha summer in a rag top hummer
Nigga pack yo tools, nigga pay yo dues
Been a G about this gangsta shit, it ain't no rules
Nigga cook yo food, hard ki's we move
Then yo get up on tha stand
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Songwriters: Rolison, Dedrick D'Mon / Thomas, B. / Nelson, A. / Williams, Bryan / Moore, K.
We Can Never Be Friends lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC