Mack Meadows — Too Many Hands On My Time lyrics


(I’Ve got) too many hands on my time
Not enough time on my hands
Between the boss and the government
And bills that are due
(I’M like bacon in A frying pan, man)
(I’M like A sardine packed in A can, stan)
(It’S always hitting the fan)

My woman, she left, ‘Cause I couldn’T go out
Out on the town even once
Working three jobs, my life’S been robbed
Ain’T an extra second for fun, son

Repeat chorus

I guess I’Ll go on living like this
I don’T have the know-How to stop
Every time I start dreaming A dream, something else
Happens and the bubble just pops, pop

Instrumental break

If I could, I would pack up and just leave this town
Stick out my thumb and be gone
Take my guitar and just follow the wind
Live on A prayer and A song... Bong

Repeat chorus
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