Made To Be Broken — I[d]LY lyrics

I could never forget you so I
Walk away from this world
Now I'm gone but I still can hear your voice
In the wind blowing
Through the trees,
I can't escape.
I will not forget you,
My heart is dead now rotten

I did everything for you but
You'd rather stay with someone who does not love

Anyone and everyone knows
That this broken heart can't be fixed no

I've seen the darkest nights
And I'm dying, dying, for you, for you,
And I can't take this, you are wrong

I fell in love with you but you threw it all away,
No one can take this heart
And heal the wounds that you left,
I cannot forget you
But I can refuse to see you in every dream I have,
Every nightmare I live
I cannot leave you
But I can use you to create the saddest sounds in a song
(And) reach your heart with this voice.
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