Manda — Heartbreak Repair Shop lyrics

(Doorbell ring)
Guy: Hurry...hide in the closet!
(You hear a faint woman in the back round)
(A door opens)
Guy: Hey. What are you doing here?
Girl: Just comin to see you.
Guy: Oh...Now is not a good time.
Girl: Why not?
Guy: Cuz I think we should see other people.
(Door slam)

Verse 1:
60 seconds before, you walked through that door
You thought to yourself, what a wonderful man.
Then he suddenly let you down
Goes for this girl, when you ain't around
Just go to...

The heartbreak repair shop
I'll make you stop crying
And start shining that great big smile.
Leave back your loneliness, and I'll give you love
Cuz I'm the heartbreak repair shop...
Come get repaired...

Verse 2:
You try to fear, or shed a tear
Because he left you, right there all by yourself.
And you finally figured out,
What your boyfriend, is really about.
Come on in..........

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