Manuel Cervantes — Universal Complexity lyrics

The rich, the crime,
The mood, the time,
The last advice
Of chance despise
The business of men
Who'll never condemn
The mind of the skilled
Who'll never be killed

The time, the beings
The spite, the strings
The best surprise
For a cheap sunrise
The time to decay
And time to prevail
The ways of the brain
The games of the crane

The ways the city
Universal complexity

The grief, the stats
The game, the rats
The community lies
For races on rise
The bended in hunch
That wait for a launch
The variety of space
It is just a large maze

The tale, the muse
The world abused
The girl that cries
Morounder fries
The rolling mill
Of things you feel
The voyage depart
On a wonderful start

The ways the city
Universal complexity
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