Marcel — Nothing To Lose lyrics

Nothin' to lose, yeah, yeah
Got nothin' to lose, yeah

It was noon time, down time, break time
Summer time, miller time, anytime
She was lookin' pretty fine
A red light, a green light, go
All fired upm side downtown
She's shakin' me all around
I was tuned in, going nowhere, second wind
Jonesin', droolin', feelin' good, if you would

Oh yeah, by the what she moves
She's got me rollin' in dirt
In a white t-shirt, breaker, breaker 1, 9
She's a big ol' flirt
Bt now she's got me
All tied up, tied down
Ant way I choose
I got nothin' to lose

In like Flynn I was lookin' for the win
Just tryin' anything
Hey baby, where you been
All my life I been lookin' for
Someone like you
Fallin' head over heals
Hey, what can I do

Repeat Chorus

Oh, I'm in the fast lane going 98, by now I know she can
Smooth Operate me, I know now she's no good two
But, hey I've got myself nothin' to lose

Repeat Chorus Twice

Yeah, I've got nothin' to lose.....
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