Mario Winans — What's Wrong With Me lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Little tired, I can't sleep what's wrong with me?
Still all in denial that you've been gone for weeks
Now I know what I should've known right from the beginning
My heart was blind and now I'm man enough to admit it.

I don't wanna go another day bein' without your love.
[no I don't baby]
I've been listenin to my heart and now it's speakin bout love.
[Tell me why baby]
Tell my why you always have to leave and take your love away
[you didn't have to do it baby]
Now I realize you were the best for me just a little too late baby

[Verse 2:]
I shoulda trusted my instinct, what's wrong with me?
Thought I learned all my lessons but I didn't learn a thing
You once said that you couldn't take me where you was headed
I cried inside and now I'm man enough to admit it


Now I miss you like a nigga should,
Miss you like a nigga should baby, baby

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