Mark Chesnutt — Any Ole Reason lyrics

(roger springer, slugger morrissette)

I used to come in here maybe once or twice a year
But only when I had a good excuse
I'd have one or two then be on my way
But that's way before she told me we were through
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Now any ol' reason will do, any ol' thing that I can use
These days, these nights, the clouds, the rain, the moon
[Any Ole Reason lyrics on]I don't have to think about the love I live without
Or the heart she left that never will be used - really, any ol' reason will do

At first I told myself she'd never cross my mind
Unless I was to meet her eye to eye
And only when I felt alone would I turn her memory on
Well I guess that means I told myself a lie

Repeat chorus

Songwriters: Springer, Roger Kent / Chesnutt, Mark / Morrissette, Slugger / Morrissette, Slugger
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