Mark Chesnutt — Useless lyrics

(robert arthur, roger springer, mark wright)

The day you left I thought I knew for certain
There's no way in this world I'd wind up hurtin'
I thought getting over you was gonna be a breeze
So it all came as quite a shock when it turned out to be

Useless as these empty arms
Useless as this broken heart
Useless as these nights I spend alone
I could lie and try to say
I quit loving you in just one day
But the truth is it's useless

Not long ago I met this little red head
And she seemed to hang on every word that I said
I thought going out with her would get you off my mind
So I spent half my paycheck in one evening just to find

Repeat chorus
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Songwriters: Springer, Roger Kent / Arthur, Robert / Wright, Mark
Useless lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC