Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch — I Need Money lyrics

Gotta get it, got to, got to, get money
Gotta get it, got to, got to, get paid
I need money
Money is the thing that I need
To fulfill my greed
Marky Mark would like to say
That I'm fiending, just to get paid
Forget love and all that crap
I'm just tryin' to keep my pockets fat
I need cash in a hurry and it ain't even funny
Yo... I need money!

I need some money
I need money (R2)

Well it's Friday night and I'm calling up my honey
Bitch better have my money!
Word! Cuz times are hard
I lost my job, my wallet, my friends and my credit card
My brother's a millionaire and he don't even share
For all he cares I could be on the welfare
I need cash in a hurry and it just ain't funny
I need money

I need money, yeah that's my situation
So write a check cuz I'm takin' donations
Or handouts, it don't matter
As long as my pockets get fatter & fatter & fatter
Cuz I'm hungry for the green backs
For a dollar, I'll even sell Big Macs
That's right, cuz brother I found
That money makes the world go round
I don't care what you people say
I just wanna get paid!
You call me greedy but you know it's true
That you want money too!
I need... You know what I need
I need... You know what I need
We all need

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