Martian Sexton — Juan Smells Like Cheese lyrics

Sunshine and buttercups and rainbows
Sunny days and warm rain even when it snows

Any weather, it will do
As long as I'm with you

But you smell like cheese
Cream cheese
You got brownies all over my sofa
And I had to clean it up
Ahhhh ahhh

You threw sparklers at my porch
I had to clean it up myself
It burned right through
You know it too

You walked into my house
I had no clue
I was outside
You little poo

Ohh my god!

You don't have digital cable
So you watched porn at my house
I wish you didn't do that
But I guess its over now

I hope that I'm not gone whe your parents are gone
Because you say that lemonade tastes gooood
And I would like to have some at your house
That would be fun

Right now your at camp and I'm alone with mary
Wishing your were on-line because she gets kinda scary

I've noticed that when you are gone, I have no life
Because you're always on-line and when your not
I don't have anyone to talk with

Oh tessy wessy bam bam is lonely without juan
And mara wara boom boom wish she was with phil

Ohhh ohhh but thursday will come
And then I can talk to you
And that will be grand
Ohhh yeaaa ohhh yeaa

You still smell like cheese, though..... That's gross
Whoaaaa gross
Heyyyy gross
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