Marvelous 3 — My Best Friends Girl lyrics

(lyrics: J. Harte, music: B. Walker)

I'm caught between a lover and a friend of mine.
I know how much he loves her, I think I'm losing my mind.
So discretely, secretly, when the timing is right,
She slips away to see me, the same way, night after night.

At first we act a little shy, cus' we both know we're guilty inside.
We play out the same scene, line by line, just like the very first time.

Maybe I've gone insane, but I can't explain,
The way it makes me feel when she calls my name.
And I know it's wrong, but it feels so right,
I'm gonna be with my best friends girl tonight.

He had a job working second shift, she worked mornings Ў®till 3.
She'd call me when she was lonely for some company.
We didn't see it happening, we were falling in love.
Prayed it wasn't trueЎ­(oh no)
But deep down, I knew that it was.

He looks so happy when he's buy her side,
He doesn't catch the glance of our eyes.
But when she looks at me, I can feel her heat,
Burnin' me up inside, it's tearin' me up inside.


When I think about her, the night can't go on without her.
You know, we know it's a sin, but we gotta have it, again and again.

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