Mary Beth — Aftershocks lyrics

The drama's faded and the dust has settled down
And the looting's over and the fires, I guess they're finally out
And life goes on and on and on, though slightly shaken
No more urgerncy or screaming or things breaking
And we've been here before
Bracing ourselves on the doorways

For the aftershocks... They'll get you every time
The aftershocks... Just when you think you're fine

The ocean doesn't seem to mind
And the sky still looks the same, if a little gray
So I'll just drink this rescued wine
And wonder why I came, anyway
And we've been here before
Standing scared inside these doorways
Waiting for the aftershocks....

For the aftershocks.....

On the day you left I did all those broken lover things
I stood out on the stormy beach, staring at the tide
A heroine in a romantic, tragic scene from far away
For weeks I cried...
At every afterschock...

For the aftershocks....
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