Mary Karlzen — Another Town, Another Place lyrics

It was another town
It was another place
Looking back I can barely recall
The details that made up his face
Now I know my life will be
Lost in the memory of
Another town, another place
Nothing here makes me happy
Everything I do must be wrong
Get along, get along, get along
Little girl
Living here your heart just goes
To waste
And your life is waiting up the road
Waiting for you in a
Another town, another place
I could stay and stand my ground
'Til this ol' man's world has come around
And I know you're gonna come around
Looking for a deeper meaning
'Cause I know there's so much more
It could be just around the corner
I could be right out my back door
But for mistakes I can't erase
I'm off now for
Another town, another place
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