Massacra — Broken Youth lyrics

Can you tell me who knows right from wrong
I№m not the man I wanted to be
All I can see from all around
Is all I fear since I was born
Who said youth is fun
And I do waste my time
My ideas go against the tide
So much time I spent lost in thought
None of my dreams came true
I№m not waiting for something new
I resign myself
But you can№t make me
Nothing kills like the daily grind
No escape from the hell I№ve been living
Why do you keep me from hoping
Release me, with the truth I№m face to face
Chorus :
All over the world
People just like me
Bitterness leads to death
Broken youth
Boredom and scorn got a hold on me
But what I want is to be free
Who says I№m different
Who knows my difference
But I feel not the same
And I don№t care, I don№t care
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