Max Webster — Juveniles Don't Stop lyrics

(M--Mitchell; L--Dubois)
Dave Stone: Synthesizer
Too much peaking deserves more peaking / whose not into rockin' energy nerves
All your life you must be ready / for that ride into another sphere
Life just may be one day to go / you've only got yourself to fear
Fast as you go / you must go faster / you never know if you never dare
Juveniles don't stop
No harm in leaving your brain wide open
You're not the first to get it in the rear
What's this joke they call coping / you've only got yourself to fear
Who wants to be a satellite station / man-made and going nowhere
Look at yourself and pull yourself closer / then get out the riot gear
Oh world I can't believe / you think our minds aren't clear
Oh world we want to rock / so blow it out your ear!
Juveniles don't stop
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