Maya — Feelin Kinda Good Tonight..... lyrics

Maya- feelin kinda good tonight...

Feelin kinda good tonight shhake my booty all day night..

What's up with you tonight.

Let's party all day night.

Let's get up and let's go down. Let's go partying all around.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
Yah Yah.

Love. Love love love love love love love love love love love.
Yah Yah

Can't you see we are in love. So come on
And take above.
A peice of me a chunck of you. May kill somebody but we surely live above.

So lalalalallalalalalalalalalala oh yah!

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalallall oh yah

Boys and girls are partying all down town.

But love can't earse the love we have because
We can't take the power that love has so

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalaal oh yah
Lalalalalallalalalalalalallal oh yah.

Feeling kinda good tonight shake my bootty all day night!
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