Hey Boulevard, I wanna get rushed into the barrio ese.
Hey hold on carnalito. Let me tell you a true story that might change your mind about being in a gang.

I remember when we were just a couple of mocosos,
Causing trouble all the time and getting caught with the babosos.
But it was fun and we had so many good times,
Me n you we put our troubles behind.
It was the two of us kickin' it day n night.
Looking forward to the chance that we would get in a fight.
Toe to toe straight boxing, putazos cada dia.
Then we met up with some vatos that belonged to a pandilla.
They hit us up. Where you from? I said no where man.
They replied real quick. Ese get jumped into our gang.
Nosotros controlamos aqui chavalas.
We heard that you were tough but sabes que? We call the ballas.
I looked at my carnal, my homie, my dawg.
Before I had a chance the gangsters hit'em with a love.
Ran up to homeboy n I gave em a putazo.
Busted em in the grill but todavia no hiso caso.
They jumped me from behind, I tried to hold my ground.
Before I knew it man my pinche body went down.
In a daze de verded no me recuerdo.
All I could remember was my homie sufriendo.
It only lasted about a minute or two,
But to me it seemed like it would never be through.
After they rushed us they came and shook our vaizas.
Now they respect us before they despised us.
We're in a gang now, pues nimodo.
Me n my homie became two damn cholos.

I remember you homie, I remember you homie.
Ese I remember you like if it was yesterday.

Pistiando por la primera vez.
I knew that I was late but I could care less.
Me n my homie on a matress,
With hynaz to the right and hynaz to my left.
I felt firme. Nada me vale.
I'm with my homeboy listo pal desmadre.
A la brava I felt like doing a jale.
I asked around but everybody said chale.
But you know what, here comes mi perro.
He said I got your back holmes, tu sabes te quiero.
So we went off in la primera mission,
After our mission we felt all chingon.
So we got some yezca and went up to mojale,
Dropped on the oldies and kicked it loud.
He liked to play Brenton Woods greatest hits.
His favorite song was "Baby you Got it"
When he would sing it would echo trough the cannon.
It used to seem that like this place was his companion.
Again I can hear it now.
That foo used to sing it loud.
The precious memory man, cause that's all I have.
Sometimes I kick it and just think n laugh,
Sometimes I kick it n just shed a tear.
I wish you were here.

I remember you homie, I remember you homie.
Ese I remember you like if it was yesterday.

Una noche loca fin de semana
I was crusin' bumpin' Santana.
That night tenia mal sentidos.
Like someone would die or end up all torcido.
I thought I was tripping so I got onto the highway.
Left L. A. And headed to the Valle.
Got there and my homie was waiting for me.
He never let me down he was a down homie.
I picked em up and headed to the, spot.
On the way over there I told him what I thought.
He said, "Ey carnal no te preocupes brother.
Nothing could happen cause we're down with each other."
I felt much better when we got to the boat.
As I could hear the people bumpin the boombox.
Seen all kind of glittery lanes.
Midnight was sparkling.
Ranflas to the side made it hard to find parking.
Finally we spotted one and parked my ranfla.
As soon as we came they said "Wassup que pasa."
My homie was anxious to get high ey.
I was checking out the hynaz they looked fine ey.
Then all of a sudden we seen another gang.
They were driving up slow, everybody hit the floor.
The shotgun rang it was bang bang bang.
I let out a whoop because tenia dolor.
I seen my homeboy dying man, I was crying.
Holding him tight because I was trying, to keep him alive.
So the lord wouldn't take him.
His heart stopped beating so I started to shake him.
I said, "Please don't die mi carnal."
If you do, then everybody van a pagar.
He responded gently, gently as a dove.
He said "take care of my jefa cause it's her that I love."
Man I went crazy. What would you do!!!
If you see a tight ass homie die in front of you.

I remember you homie, I remember you homie.
Ese I remember you like if it was yesterday.

Bien carnalito. Entendiste now little brother.
Yea Boulevard I understand what you said.
Cause I don't wanna die like my big brother.

Yeeeea, I remember when we used to play shootem up, all righ
I remember when we used to play shootem up shootem down bang bang hooooooooomie ooh I love you brotha ooh how I miss you know yea...aaa.
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