Mclusky — Friends Stoning Friends lyrics

Oh caracas.
Hanging from some chimpanzees.
Jonny No. 1 is a son of a gun.
But that's allright with me.
Still, how you keeping?
Tfi's got nothing on you.
Jonny no. 1 you're the best that I've done.
Until it's Jonny no. 2.

Get god, get giddy.
You're moving to the city.
With a faceless baseless underground clique.
Get god get giddy.
You're moving to the city.
You're moving to the city cause you're village is shit.

It's just a rattlesnake.
That looks like you.

How you keeping?
I was wondering, if you're leaking, could I join in?
On the weekend?
It's a slow one, you're a fast one.
So join the union.
I'll see you on the moon with marian pahars.
Return to earth for soya milk and underwired bras.

It's just like friends stoning friends stoning friends stoning friends.
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