Mclusky — Rock Vs. Single Parents lyrics

Danny keeps beats in a box by the door.
She's a diligent girl but she's been here before.
It reminds her of riding a bike.
Hey hey hey!
Slovenly ground for your slovenly shoes.
Cos we're destined to win and we're destined to lose.
And we're destined to deal with it.
Hey hey hey!
It used to be form to be warned about robots.
And alien life-forms on your way to the toilets.
But now it's like chasing a fish.
Hey hey hey!
Follow me down we can chase single mothers.
Around and around 'til those s***s blow their cover.
Just stick to the plan obi-wan.
Hey hey hey!
What if you never get home?
What if you never get high-hung?
What if you never get home?
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